Down jacket how to match the wear effect is good, warm and was thin

canada goose outlet canada parka Generally, Canada women, BMI values greater than 19, height 155-168 wear a down jacket to keep warm, don’t want to look good.

Street snap model figure with good looking, not skinny, just unbuttoned the buttons do not buckle, bare neck through the wind is below a stockings (SKINNY with boots.

Because the feather nature is bloated, not bloated not warm to it slightly less bloated a little, the best way is to use the slim to do contrast–expose your slicked neck, exposing your thin legs–the same case, upper body wearing a down jacket, down with pantyhose, mostly than the lower body tight body jeans look good, without him, just because that’s the point of thin.

canada goose sale Every time I see these similar ads wanted to make them throw to minus fifteen degrees or less to the Northeast to go to, ask them to also dare not dare to wear?
Don’t take model PHOTOS posters according to their own requirements, people A is thin, the second is a large aperture SLR playing light romantic view of the street and many other Santa light plus.
Also don’t think the middle of the Le belt can be thin, in fact, the effect is very General.

To temperature don’t poise, the Ancients honest, not I bully it.

canada goose brasil So you want to wear a down jacket was the thin point, please:
1, The first weight loss.
2, Do carry frozen prepared
3, the exposed neck, the exposed skeletal neck exposed thigh, at least one of if the leg is really cold, at least the needful pants plus boots. If the above doesn’t want to Monroe, the poorest, but also to the wrist more than two inches exposed.
5, the suitable high heel can effectively get your Visual height increases, the area of the same case, the height is increased, the width will naturally reduce, Junior high school is studied. The same principle, ponytail, exposed neck, is generally higher than the Phi of the hair better。
4, Select the cloak down jacket, a comparable belt-type down effective cover meat because there is a profile shape.

Men’s version:
1, thin, wearing tight pants.
2, really want to look good don’t wear down…… On the coat.

First of all, the incomparable identity to wear down jacket also want to slim is simply playing rogue!

canada goose outlet toronto The down jacket was warm. Simple to say is because of the down jacket filling velvet, velvet flower between the presence of large amounts of air. Air is a poor conductor of heat, down can ensure that air does not flow, it is warm. Therefore, the more fluffy down jacket, thermal insulation of the air, the warmer. pots friends of!

For how to put down jacket to wear normal I will not say Well look, let’s just to drain the mine area:

“1. The slit line

The slit line and plump appearance is super fat, faint and have a unit just from the site out of the feeling.

(Pictures are from the network, the infection deleted)

“2. High saturation of the bright-colored fabric

canada goose outlet store Wine red, champagne, coffee, blue, black, etc. saturation is too high, the light can be obtained when the mirror down carefully. Reflective display fat not to say, really look older, not lining color, in short, our little fairy family is not so worn…

(Pictures are from the network, the infection deleted)

“3. Large type

No birds legs and slap in the face, don’t try to cocoon Type, H type loose jacket, promise me, okay.

“4. Mix in the tube snow boots

High sister becomes a dwarf girl, the dwarf girl becomes a disability section Section.

“5. Long style with loose jeans

canada goose usa Under the wide and wide, into a piece of walking the fermentation of bread.

Down jacket correct open posture:

Since you are sincere questions, I will mercifully tell you, want to keep warm without significant fat (thin   really can’t, not fat or it may be, come up with a small present to remember!

First, you have to learn how to pick a good down jacket is!

“1. Filler

a. canada goose nyc Charge down the amount. Other conditions remain unchanged, the charge down the amount, the higher it is the more warmth, but also more bloated. 100g should be the minimum standard. 0℃-5℃preferably 100g or less, -5℃-0℃preferably 150g, and so on, stable.

b. Cashmere kinds. General fill goose down and duck down and feathers. Thermal coefficient: goose>duck>feathers. Price, goose down is really dead expensive dead expensive! Have the money to buy the geese didn’t have the money to buy a duck, Taobao down jacket buy less, many are crushed feather filling, warm the residue was a batch.

c. Charge down the rate. Charge down the higher the rate the warmer. More than 90% relatively good, in the charge down the high rate of the premise, can choose a thin little jacket. And thin in a circle ha ha ha.

The above indicators in the clothes of the signage will statement brand statement more reliable, and no good brand even if the charge of broken feathers can also be said to be 95%white goose down!

“2. The surface of the material

a. canada goose parka Do not drill wool. A good down jacket with a hand to RUB, is not going to run out of the pile, think of just Heating the shop, took off his clothes, shake off-one duck feather, goose feather, it is quite embarrassing.

b. Waterproof. The General down jacket able to guarantee a lightweight waterproof, which is poured a small Cup of water is almost no effect, RUB a RUB on the dry. T outdoor down jacket soaked in water is fine!

c. Fur collar. The fur collar is preferably removable, the fur collar of maintenance of way and down jacket are not the same, removable ensure that the two parts are well maintained, and prolong life, the fur collar can also change a variety of styles, suitable for different occasions.

canada goose sale No doubt, this is down jacket, padding 100-150g 95%white goose down, so down jacket the choice of more and more.

“3. Color

Select the saturation lower Black, Silver, gray, will make clothes look more upscale, but also slimmer.

A (Arm portion of the narrow design will make the limbs look slender, so thin)

(Light is more suitable for open wear)

“4. Cut

a. Slim fit。 To be thin, you must be slim., a large down coat is neither warm nor slim, but to what to use?

canada goose outlet This figure is slightly ugly, we see the meaning, the waist to the yield, the higher the better, appear leg long tall)

b. A high waist. Waist the best, there is no waist on their own with a belt, be sure to tell someone else, me. There. Waist!

This design is to make the lower body line of sight separately, fake a waistline

Long paragraphs don’t necessarily follow figure on this with jeans, with tight primer effect will be very good for a relatively high sister paper)

(canada goose coat Hair spread out visually extending transversely will display fat, so the face not more, to wear down jacket hair tie is really thin.

c. The seam grid. You can choose on the top seam of the grid fine, the bottom seam of the grid width styles (wide fat, the level of the slit is substantially thin, the seam grid is not obvious amounts, and even seamless grid the sum of the third Figure, the trench coat down jacket, super nice, but very expensive, and thin on it. Note: usually this down jacket charge down the amount is not big, the best choice of high-quality goose down filling.

(Pictures are from the network, the infection deleted)

Secondly, and most importantly, how to match!

Remember two principles: the inner thin outer patch; the inner long outer short.

“1. Within the thin outer patch

canada goose new york Close-fitting cashmere sweater+tights leggings+boots. knee boots) +slim outwear+belt

Have the waist tailored down jacket is the best, boots are in order to the exposed legs look thin repair legs type of over-the-knee boots is also good! The long section down jacket be sure to thin some, the length must be to the calf of the thinnest place.

“2. Within long outside short

Close-fitting cashmere sweater+High waist skirt+boots+slim outwear+belt

Here, only patches inside the ride, the long skirt is a skirt bottom, love to wear thick wear thick, sweatpants and some trousers can be!

cheap canada goose This and the ankle skirt is very capable of shielding meat, the big strong I usually in a skirt underneath to wear returns, because listen to mA’s words~)

“3. Of promising no

No hat light paragraph down jacket (inner) +any slim fit jacket, other No, the perfect solution bloated and warm of the problem

Just below this thin, can be worn in any of the slim fit of the coat, this two years is very popular, not too cold region so worn and thin and good-looking, perfect~

(Be sure to thin, cannot put the outside coat of the brace too much, or still fat)

canada goose jackets outlet Finally the way down how to buy not error: be sure to go to the store to try, then online shopping, direct shopping online do not fly!


Heavy choose difficult disease
You kiss, wishlist, don’t forget to like and then go yo~
The small transparent answer to the first broken hundred, many thanks to everyone(ˊˋ*)♡

canada goose clearance sale Answer the following so wear will be cold the problem:
1. Shown in the picture only as a reference, mainly want to tell you Amway this several warm and wild down jacket. Everyone is still adapted to local conditions, vary from person to person.
2. I coordinate of Xi’an, the winter temperature is below zero, I and I a big ticket friend of the standard is the skirt+leggings, the upper body is the autumn sweater+down jacket/woolen coat, didn’t feel the cold.
3. canada goose outlet People cold leg, and the dog cold mouth. Afraid of the Cold the friends, recommend buying warm and strong wool sweater+wool tights+wool socks. Do to quality rather than to the amount of heating. If the legs wrapped too bloated, it is recommended to wear good texture of the woolen skirts/wide-leg pants and hid the meat artifact Ah~body stickers warm paste…… It is also possible

We have deep winter can wear, color natural thin legs artifact, welcome Amway to me~

The following is the original answer
Down although itself is very fluffy, with a good, even if cannot do significantly thin, but at least be able to do without significant fat.

canada goose outlet store Advice for the little man/fine leg girls wear short paragraph down jacket
Recommendations of legs coarse/small sub-girls to avoid ugg boots can be modified through the knee boots/Martin boots/shoes, etc.
Recommendations leg coarse girl wearing knee high boots/wide leg pants/long skirt, knee-high boots thin leg effect is really immediate Oh
Not recommended for reflective surface material

Recommend the following

1. A short paragraph down jacket
Thin comes standard with: down jacket+long sweater/long skirt/wide leg pants/pencil pants/skirt

Brand: catch up
canada goose jackets clearance Charge down the amount of 230g
There are two color malt white, Navy blue) Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 4 The model is the owner (height 168, weight 56kg)
Double eleven on the new

Brand: catch up
Charge down the amount:180g
Grenade jacket. Two-color, all very fresh, even in winter also can make people feel a kind of Nuit in the warm.
Above this two paragraphs down jacket, all belong to the loose series, and not particularly short, all covered crotch, will not significant too bloated but also have a winter need keep warm and stylish.

Brand: walking non-stop
canada goose on sale Japanese frigidity of the wind, the very character, and feelings of a store, in addition, the store has 21 kinds of down jackets outfit the method of any one of your selected
→Any non-warm down jacket is bullying, any swollen into buns of a Down are also playing a rogue

Brand: Gap
Contain fabric quantity:100~150g
Simplicity Europe and the United States is very thin, it goes very well with warm and strong wool sweater, with skinny jeans, will look very competent

Brand: only
Contain fabric quantity:70%
canada goose jacket sale Hair pink, behind the embroidery, is both sophisticated and stylish, but also significantly girly heart jacket down jacket, coupled with a black small leather skirt the moment the Avatar is a playful little
2. The long section down jacket push

Contain fabric quantity: nearly 200g
Belonging to long, personally, think that this length just.
Taobao sales of good to burst, the tones are really super comfortable, with concise and quality to win.
Can be paired with→corduroy trousers/woolen short skirt

Brand: music machi
Contain fabric quantity:160g
canada goose down jackets for women clearance Korean version of the loose series, version type is very good, is a good shielding meat section, so that the pink really young girls heart good meow.
Music Machiya there are many youth girls down jacket, you can look at the Oh~
Recommended with gray leggings, Martin boots

Brand: bird of peace
Concise and clever the beauty of it. How to describe it, in short, selected black on the right, regardless of the four Black are slimmer best color~

Brand: walking non-stop
Cashmere weight:140g
Black and gray two colors, very lightweight, Extra Long, this is also want to wear super long, the little girl’s welfare, really the Super intimate design of the roar. I really Super love this gray.
Recommended with a thick bottom plate of the Shoe wear will be a significant leg length.

Brand: MOMO custom
Contain fabric quantity:221~231g
This should be a caramel color? In short, is a very Western style color to it. With respect to the above version of the type, the intermediate belt, you can more highlight the figure and highlight a woman flavor Oh~

Brand: one more
Contain fabric quantity:150~200g
Black and gray two color, you want to slim petite women can look here Oh, it’s very slender, improve the waistline stretched the entire leg proportion, will not appear too bloated, in addition, blue Fox fur is also very tall.~

These are my recent attention to the brand and match, we have better recommendation welcome complement Oh, the first official answer to the inadequacies of the Welcome notes.

Let’s change the angle, teach you” how to pick a down jacket”, so you can wear warm and was thin.

canada goose jackets There have been a lot of outfit of people contributed the wonderful answer, we here in the ask the insiders, it is simple to talk about down the selection, also welcome more insiders with us in the comments area of the Exchange.

Original buy when the old love to see the charge down the amount, containing velvet volume, and only now found out that the most should look at is the”bulkiness”

1. Charge down the amount

Charge down the amount represents a down jacket how much down.

Size larger, natural feather, the more the price is still the same. This is the fat the benefits, it???)

2. Contain fabric quantity

canada goose rain jacket Contain fabric quantity representative of a feather how much is wool.

Generally expressed as a percentage, as shown below:

The National Standard cannot be lower than 50%, each 5%A grade, up to 95%.

On the market the most common of containing velvet volume in the 70% to 90%, the regular manufacturers are identified very clearly. If there are manufacturers boast 100%, please straining to hit the face!

General in addition to fleece, the rest is feather:

canada goose vest Feathers substantially no thermal value, can be said to be Gross with no.

If the down jacket is often a duvet drill out, you can understand; if there are often feathers drilled out, it is likely that poor-quality down jacket.

Down quality:

White goose down is > grey goose down > the white duck down of the> gray duck

3. Bulkiness

This national standard is not required, but is down cannot be both warm and slimming of the most important parameters.

canada goose jackets men The bulkiness is each 30 g down, can occupy a volume in cubic inches. The English called Filling Power, i.e. filling ability.

The same weight of down and feather (30 grams, to fill the space the more large, fluffy degree more high, warm the better the performance.

Same weight, the different bulkiness of the down volume difference
Conversely, with less charge down the amount to achieve the better thermal efficiency.

And the less the charge down the amount, it means the down is thinner.

canadagoose Fluffy degrees high=charge down the amount is less but keep warm the effect is the same=more light and warm

Although our national standard is not specified, the domestic very few manufacturers of bulkiness to the label. But the bulkiness is a universal concept, denoted by the bulkiness is also a relatively common practice。

So some well-known international big names will be marked bulkiness, in particular, is partial to outdoor brands Patagonia, Mountain Hardware, And Marmot, TNF, Columbia, Canada Goose, and so on. For example, the following figure:

canada goose jackets for women on sale A more professional brand will also be marked out on the scene or the minimum temperature.

If you pay attention to the words, as the fluffy-degree rise, prices will rise dramatically.

Of course, down quality, there are many other parameters, such as velvet flower size, velvet child content, cleanliness, etc. These are more the source of some of the parameters that are not identified on the final product, here also for the time being not to mention.

goose down coat We consumers can see that is: charge down the amount, the containing fabric quantity, as well as part of the product’s bulkiness.

Our recommendations:

1, recommended select the marked bulkiness of the down jacket, if there is no label, ask the manufacturer.

If the manufacturer is GB value, and then multiplied by 29. 775, is the daily said the American Standard fill power of 550, the 600, the 700, etc. fluffy degrees.

Generally, the city where the daily commute 550~700 bulkiness is sufficient. Sleep duvet should be higher, because the sleeping person is stationary, during the day people are active.

Goose Kensington Parka Fusion Fit Sale
Goose Kensington Parka Fusion Fit Sale

2, the bulkiness of the level of choice, according to the local temperature and on-hand budget. Recommendations for the duvet fluffy degrees higher than the down jacket.

canada goose jackets clearance Words can shake and clever, but I also have been wondering how in the close to subzero weather wear

Right, temperature and grace coexist?

In fact, the most direct way is to pick a good down jacket & done with

Down jacket short, medium, long, points

Wherein the short paragraph I do not recommend to start with; as particularly tasteless, practicality is poor

Upper body warm effect while no difference between

But with to eye-candy, are at the expense of lower body temperature to fulfill the

The upper Dolman; the lower body in order to contrast, it will wear very skinny, and strive to slim

Cheap Goose Chelsea Parka
Cheap Goose Chelsea Parka

This will have a big problem: below the waist wear very little

The upper and lower addict two heavy days …

Legs cold even, women important region also followed the cold

The girls too unfriendly, too unhealthy.~~chill drive straight into the

The (The picture to see my lower body a cool. in. the.)

And Oriental women pears too much, this on the Panasonic tight combination

Full exposure of the hip flat, fake hip width and thighs thick short Board


Ain’t no save way?

There is two

A is paired with twelve wide-leg pants (woven and knitted fabric can be, a home is a commuter)

The principle is the pants barrel is loose, can be hidden within warm bottoming

Pants feet long can be hidden with shoes

Cheap Canada Goose Emory Parka
Cheap Canada Goose Emory Parka

The second is with the thigh circumference comparing the margin of turnip pants

The role is the same as the in order to can be stuffed into leggings

But the two approaches are not too routine, and the lower body by two layers of thin pants (cover pants and bottoming)

Or against not minus the freezing weather

So short paragraph down jacket, pass on!

The long section down jacket refers to the length of the mid-thigh down jacket

The body in the middle of the warm is made get a bit.

But knees chilly the problem is still not resolved


In freezing weather, the most practical&warm best of or a long paragraph down jacket long over the knee)

Chest, waist, hips, knees; full coverage~

Cheap Canada Goose Dunham Down Bomber Jacket
Cheap Canada Goose Dunham Down Bomber Jacket

The next step is to solve two old problems

1. Pick

2. With

On the selection of the

There are three laws.

A: look at the shoulders

Down the most afraid of dressed shoulders stalwart, as if stocky a tower

The shoulder line processing is particularly important

Because the shoulder is also the hub of the pile, so the normal shoulder down to the shoulder of the would-be founder, the tile children a piece of it.

So the shoulder or made into a Raglan sleeve styles common to the non-cap models down jacket)

Keep the shoulders rounded not plate being

Either use a hat to cover–that area needs to be large just to cover the shoulder line

Canda Googse Outlet
Canda Googse Outlet

This jacket looks clever delicate much.~

Second: look at the waist

The outfit has always did not forget to emphasize is the waistline of importance

Significantly higher significantly thin Hoon active Chapter, with its a~

However, this“Iron law” in down on the Not applicable Oh

One is because the down jacket is cargo, in the middle down the middle one tie, two more muster

The waist too much to do waist treatment it will have a Yong clumsy sense

And slightly in gas, there is a mother model the taste of it.

If it is just some of the facilities the waist to reveal

That can choose the kind of waist Drawstring style

Three: The Velvet liner width

Canda Googse Outlet
Canda Googse Outlet

Fleece liner should not be too narrow

The elongate strips, not only petty and very“interior wind”

Also should are not too wide

It’s not aesthetically pleasing on the issue

But the space is too large so that hedging comes in feather bound is too small

Down very easy in a region of the bulk, while the other parts are scarce

Width in 10cm or so of the best

Bubbling very naturally also an abundance of

On with

Down jacket is a more casual single product

Bulging and Candide Candide, so to add some special minus age dynamic elements the best

Inside the ride

Take the aspects of the best choice is a sweatshirt

The movement of Vitality, a sweep of down jacket in its own stupid lag

With a hat, the section is also good, seen from behind two hats superimposed on a very interesting~

Fit baseball shirt collar no hat paragraph

Canada Goose Rideau Down Parka Outlet
Canada Goose Rideau Down Parka Outlet

And the cap body and the back of the neck circumference is directly connected to the amount

This has a neck circumference“barriers” styles do not fit inside the ride Hooded sweater Oh

Because halfway“stranded”

Inserted sentence

Because I have always been elegant light museum line go more

The winter look is a variety of coats+topper

This year started paying more attention to leisure sports mix

It is found that there are some single product does not use the topper to

For example–jacket

Canada Goose Parka Outlet
Canada Goose Parka Outlet

Watch ice although the Queen.

But with a bowler hat+down jacket, or let people: emmmmm on.

As if two dimensions of a single product, to scrape a piece of strange

See more street shooting know

Stocking cap is the most suitable for the ride down.

Smart yet naive look


As the jacket cover of the bottoms

Select the range super wide

Can be leggings

It can be a skirt or wide-leg pants

Not as long as the fabric is too floaty may be elected to the

Because the down jacket is enough to warm Ah, the bottoms of the warmth is not so important~

Nan classmates live

Canada Goose Dunham Down Jacket Outlet
Canada Goose Dunham Down Jacket Outlet

This year brought a lot of sneakers~

Rejuvenation the rejuvenation.


Down jacket with a difficulty is the shoes optional

Because down of the big features, so it is best to have a truncated compact and elongated parts of the body to repel down a mountain is a generally clumsy sense

And this task taught to not be afraid of the cold of the calf to perform it~~ (calf can only be covered with a layer of tights or leggings)

Just focus on the feet to keep warm.~

Let last year’s my answer

May could only think of the long feather+calf trousers+short UGG combination

This year do more homework

So the anti-wind performance at the level of the ankle boots+a pair of thick wool pile sock can also be selected to

The insulation effect is not inferior to the UGG

Black Canada Goose Sale
Black Canada Goose Sale

If the heap of socks and bottoming socks thick enough words

You can also use thick sneaker+bottoming socks+pile of socks in the form of

(Athletic Shoes remember to buy the freshman Code. of. the.)

There is also a comparison with the gas field and feminine choice

That’s long down coat+belt with the boots

In fact, in sub-zero weather

Keep the temperature of the stylish co-existence there are a lot of ways

For example, with a good parka

Such as selected long wool thick coat

2018 Canada Goose Savona Bomber Down Jacket
2018 Canada Goose Savona Bomber Down Jacket

Also like play go mix and match stacked to wear, etc.

Are relative can cold method